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SO, What IS a Hydra-Infusion Facial?

Skinplicity is the ONLY therapeutic skincare spa on the East Coast to offer you this much sought-after device and service; providing the latest in technological skin exfoliation, deep infusion delivery of actives, and superior hydration. This is one of the most comprehensive facial systems available today.

Hydra-Infusion Facials pairs the newest skincare technology  with professional grade serums and actives. And, as an alternative to inflammatory microderm abrasion.

A Hydra-Infusion Facial provides all these therapies in one visit:
  • Experience Diamond skin resurfacing & polishing, while increasing detoxifying circulation.
  • Pore...

Professional-Quality Skincare Devices at Home !

Epidermal-penetrating Ultrasound.

Maximize the benefits of your professional skincare services between visits! Enhance the hydration, circulation and stimulate new collagen formation in your skin with TechMira's Mira Skin ultrasound device and fine Hyaluronic Acid skin actives - straight from Europe! German-made technology, rechargeable. 2 year warranty. Suggested for dull, sluggish, dehydrated skin-types. Discover more plus video at:  ' Skinplicity Home  -- >  Products  -- >  Anti-Aging'

Microcurrent for Home Use

Microcurrent technology is a low-level electrical current that mimics the body's own biological current. Despite its low electrical vibration,...

The Difference Between One Peel and a Series of Peels

Chemical peels are acids. Scary sounding, but when administered by a highly trained professional, they can be wonderful for your skin. There are AHA (alpha-hydroxy) and BHA (beta-hydroxy) peels. They are derived from many different sources (fruit, dairy, nuts, bark, etc.), and come in differing percentages (strengths) and pH levels. Some are oil-loving, others are water loving. Some work mainly on the surface and others penetrate deeper into the structure of the pore. Many times a professional will mix or layer different types of peels to achieve different results. Certain peels may be preferred over others, and there are specifics...

Dry Summer ‘Alligator’ Skin

Lately, I have been seeing many clients experiencing rough, scaly – textured dry skin on their arms and legs. Lot’s of people have it year-round, but all the sun exposure, chlorinated pools, and dehydration from the heat and air-conditioning are causing  extreme cases of it this summer. Honestly, most of you are not drinking enough water. Soda, tea, coffee, smoothies, and juice don’t count. Sorry. Start your day with a tall glass of water with a squeeze of lemon or lime in it. If you sense thirst, you are beyond the point of mild dehydration. Also, as we age, we...