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Not All Hyperpigmentation Is The Same

The pursuit of lightening skin hyperpigmentation can prove to be frustrating. What works for someone else will not necessarily work for you. This leads to disappointment and confusion, as so many will chase one skin lightening treatment after another in the hope of finding one that works.

Oft times using and being treated with products and therapies which may actually stimulate more hyper pigmentation and possibly damage the tissue further. While this can be disheartening at first, it is the first step in discovering which skin lightening treatments may actually make a difference. 


Microderm abrasion? A 'Hydra Facial' alternative.

There are many type of facial treatments in the Raleigh Cary area. Microderm abrasion is one such option, which has been available for a number of years now.

Spas such as Blue Water Day Spa, Cary Med Spa and Wellness, Skin Essence, Mitchell’s, Body Lase, Renew Day Spa, and many others offer microderm abrasion. Dry, hard mineral crystals sprayed on the skin; or a dry abrasion tip pulled over the skin and vacuumed off can be very inflammatory, make micro cuts in the skin and spread infection; and leave you with a red, uncomfort able face....

SO, What IS a Hydra-Infusion Facial?

Skinplicity is the ONLY therapeutic skincare spa on the East Coast to offer you this much sought-after device and service; providing the latest in technological skin exfoliation, deep infusion delivery of actives, and superior hydration. This is one of the most comprehensive facial systems available today.

Hydra-Infusion Facials pairs the newest skincare technology  with professional grade serums and actives. And, as an alternative to inflammatory microderm abrasion.

A Hydra-Infusion Facial provides all these therapies in one visit:
  • Experience Diamond skin resurfacing & polishing, while increasing detoxifying circulation.
  • Pore...

OUCH! Micro-Needling & Needle Pens, Rezenerate. Caution!

I'm receiving inquiries about the "latest thing": Micro-Needling, Needle Pens, and Rezenerate, as options for facial treatment in skin care. Correcting most every skin condition requires REDUCTION of inflammation. Inflammation can create unwanted texture (granulation) and leave gristly fragments within the tissue because it can't heal fast enough to keep up with the damage(s) incurred.
Needling can create triangular, microscopic tears in the skin, leaving it ripe for infection, inflammation, and resultant scarring. Any...

Vitamin C is Necessary Year-Round

Vitamin C is a normal skin component, and is found at high levels in both the dermis and epidermis. Topical application of Vitamin C will cross the epidermis into the underlying dermal layers. Human studies often assess skin health by changes in depth or number of wrinkles, and by the individual's per- ception of skin health. Aging causes a decline in vitamin C content in the epidermis and dermis. Observational studies found that topical applications along with higher intakes of vitamin C from diet, provided a better skin appearance, and notable decreases in...


Did you know the largest organ of your body is the skin? 


The skin and the various glands, nerves, and sensors  connected with it form a complex organism. Your skin is your primary defense against many on-going assaults to your body's well-being and immunity. These functions may be classified as protective, sensory, respiratory, both heat regulating, & secretory.  The skin protects the body from injuries from without and also acts as a guard against a too rapid loss of the liquids and heat from within. Thus the...


Especially in case of disinfectants, an important disadvantage of disinfectants is the unspecific action of these agents, killing both beneficial (good) and harmful (bad) micro-organisms. This results in an open surface, subject to fast re-colonizationby harmful (pathogenic) and opportunistic bacteria. Hence, disinfection results in a fast - but also very short and unstable reduction of the number of microrganisms. Because of the current resistance problems, continuously increasing concentrations and frequencies of disinfectant have to be applied, which is very detrimental to humans and the environment because of their aggressive chemical nature. Bacteria, especially pathogens,...

Have You Heard of Thieves Oil ?

Really long story short... During the Black Plaque in England (1348~1350) about 50% of the population died from this dreaded disease. Curiously enough, many of the thieves that stole from the deceased did not catch the plaque. As  documented in the Royal Archives of England, records show that the Monarchy demanded the thieves share their secret. Unknowingly, the thieves had provided themselves a layer of natural protection by applying blends of essential oils to themselves, to mask the undesirable smells of their nefarious deeds.

Science now documents (PubMed, National Institute of Health) the powerful anti-viral,...

Professional-Quality Skincare Devices at Home !

Epidermal-penetrating Ultrasound.

Maximize the benefits of your professional skincare services between visits! Enhance the hydration, circulation and stimulate new collagen formation in your skin with TechMira's Mira Skin ultrasound device and fine Hyaluronic Acid skin actives - straight from Europe! German-made technology, rechargeable. 2 year warranty. Suggested for dull, sluggish, dehydrated skin-types. Discover more plus video at:  ' Skinplicity Home  -- >  Products  -- >  Anti-Aging'

Microcurrent for Home Use

Microcurrent technology is a low-level electrical current that mimics the body's own biological current. Despite its low electrical vibration,...

Cellular Turn-Over Time

Contrary ... to what the media wants you to believe, your skin cells do NOT complete a full turn-over and regenerate in 3 weeks time. The older we get, the slower the cellular rejuvenation / turn- over rate. Skincare science now recognizes that it can take up- wards of 1.5 months for the cells to completely regenerate and die-off naturally. 

In the diagram, you see the growth cycle of a single skin cell. From #1 where a new cell divides, to #2 showing a healthy, plump cell which is fluid-filled and luminous (light reflecting). ...