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Acne treatments are customized according to the type of acne present. There are various types of acne conditions: papulo-/pustular, inflammatory, congestive, cystic, and different combinations of all of the above. This facial includes a double deep cleansing with steam & steam towels.

An appropriate enzyme will be applied to the skin to soften the congestion, and open the pores. The skin is treated with non-cavitation ultrasound, and skin spatula exfoliation to deep cleansing the follicles.

An extended session of manual extractions help to drain pustules and clear follicles of blackheads and sebaceous filaments; followed with an anti-inflammatory calming product, and hydrating serum to restore and balance the acid mantle.

An anti—acne peptide will then be applied to the skin to help eliminate infection. This will be followed with appropriate serums and a final layer of a rejuvenating peptide.

Acne add-ons:

Extended manual extractions $15

Skin Classic High Frequency treatment to drain pustules and treat deep blackheads $10 – $40.

Chemical peels specific for acne. Your practitioner will determine the type of chemical peel for your particular skin type and condition.   $30 – $45 depending upon the type of peel used.

LED light treatment (15 minutes) $15. Your practitioner will apply LED light treatments of red and blue frequencies to help reduce acne bacteria and lesson inflammation.