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Skinplicity offers a variety of facials, both therapeutic and non-therapeutic. 


Express ‘Petite’ facial: Greet the world feeling fresh and vibrant! Our express 'petite' facial includes:

  • thorough cleansing
  • light exfoliation
  • hydration
  • antioxidant serum
  • moisturizer
  • sun protection (if desired).


Soothing & Relaxing Facial w/Scalp Massage: Treat yourself! This feel-good, stress-relieving, non-therapeutic facial is all about relaxation. It starts with a gentle cleanse which is followed bya soothing facial massage that uses a refreshing combination of hydration & moisturizing serums. Best of all, it includes an extended scalp massage with your choice of stimulating warm/cool massage gel, or calming aromatherapy oils. 


Deep cleansing facial: Our deep cleansing facial begins with a double cleanse using cleansers that specifically suit your skin's type and condition, incorporating steam and steam towels as appropriate. Next, your skin will be exfoliated using one or a combination of the following methods, as determined by your practitioner:

  • enzymes
  • a derma file
  • non—cavitation ultrasound
  • dissolvable vitamin & nutrient crystals
  • ultrasonic spatula

Finally, following limited manual extractions, your skin will be treated with appropriate serums, hydration, moisturizer and sun protection (if desired). 

Deluxe facial: This facial includes all of the above, as well as:

  • the cleansing & moisturizing of the décolleté, shoulders, and upper arms.
  • also includes upper shoulder neck and scalp massage. (A spa wrap is required for this service.)



Hydra facial: Skinplicity is the ONLY therapeutic skincare spa on the East Coast to offer you this much sought-after device and service; providing the latest in technological skin exfoliation, deep infusion delivery of actives, and superior hydration. This is one of the most comprehensive facial systems available today.

Hydra-Infusion Facials pairs the newest skincare technology  with professional grade serums and actives. And, as an alternative to inflammatory microderm abrasion.

 A Hydra-Infustion facial provides all of these therapies in one visit:

  • Diamond skin resurfacing & polishing, while increasing detoxifying circulation.
  • Pore exfoliation via customized peel & enzyme serums infusion deeply in the tissue breaks down and digests dead build-up & pore impaction
  • Clogging cellular debris & excess oil are flushed-away using deep cleansing serums combined with a gentle vacuum action.

 Your skin is then super-infused with cooling, hydrating 'H.A.' (hyaluronic acid serum), peptides and vitamin serums, for outstanding results.



To enhance these benefits, you hydra facial continually  continually treats the skin with beneficial Red / Blue LED light throughout the entire service.




    The device & serums are proudly made in USA.

    (Each new client as part of in depth consultation complete a consultation and release form; established clients will have a thorough skin examination, followed by a consultation. These in–depth exams help determine what is going on with your skin and how that may correlate with your physical health, diet, stress level, occupation, previous treatments, health and medications, etc. Your licensed professional can work with you to determine the therapeutic facial type appropriate for you.)