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Peptides are the ULTIMATE preventative and anti-aging serums. 100% biologically active that provide visible results. Peptides are the skin’s replacement switches which cause desired reactions in the skin. They replace the segments of amino acids that have broken down with age, are damaged, or missing, so that the skin can function as it should naturally. Highly recommended for all skin types.

Note: Viktoria De’Ann is an outstanding provider of effective solutions yielding excellent results. Viktoria De’Ann recommends, and Skinplicity agrees, a short one-on-one discussion take place in regard to selection of your peptides purchase, in order to maximize both your results and investment in their products. Skinplicity is pleased to support the recommendation, and always at no change to you. We, as with Viktoria De’Ann, want to insure outstanding results; and are pleased to consult with you on best product selection.