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'Skin Classic' high frequency, specialized skin treatments use focused, pinpoint energy, to address a variety of issues (*) .  Skin Classic treatments are quick, and many may not even touch the surface. Smaller blemishes  disappear immediately, and hyper- pigmented areas such as liver or "age spots", take only a few seconds..

Generally, any part of the body can be treated, but most common are the face, neck, décolleté/chest, back, and back of hands.


    (*) Skinplicity specialized skin treatments can be used to effectively treat the following conditions:
    • benign skin lesions
    • telangiectasia
    • broken capillaries
    • red cherry – dots (angiomas)
    • sebaceous hyperplasia
    • (overgrown oil glands)
    • seborrheic keratosis
    • milia, fibromas
    • skin tags 
    • raised & flat hyperpigmentation
    • age & sunspots
    • acne cysts
    • deep blackheads
    • congestion in certain areas

    Post treatment / temporary restrictions may include, but are not limited to:

    • no sun exposure
    • no skin exfoliation
    • no alcohol consumption 
    • no physical workouts
    • no steam rooms / saunas
    • no hot yoga
    • use of recommended products only until skin has returned to its healthy state

    After skin treatments, treated areas will change in color, shape, and feel while the skin heals and returns to normal. If you are having more than a few areas treated, we recommend scheduling session(s) accordingly, and do not have the service done two weeks prior to any professional or social engagements. In most cases, makeup can be worn 24 hours after treatment.

    Pricing - Call for a consult. Pricing based on scope of services needed.


    Prior to treatment, a thorough review of your health history and a signed consent form are required. Skinplicity does not remove moles or any questionable skin lesions.

    If you have extensive lesions, you may be asked to bring documentation from your dermatologist stating that these are benign.