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Chrisal Free Sample Kit
  • Chrisal Free Sample Kit
Chrisal Free Sample Kit - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


 Chrisal probiotics.  " prō-bī-ˈä-tiks "  

Probiotics are being called an integral art of the future of medicine and health care. New studies are showing how probiotics are changing the health care industry. Compelling evidence has shown they have a wide spectrum of health benefits.


Chrisal Probiotics



In-Spa use, & revenue generating resale!

Instead of harmful chemicals, Chrisal Stabiotics  (PIP or Probiotics In Progress) uses safe and beneficial stabilized probiotics, like millions of tiny workers, that physically actually works down to the micro scopic level, removing dirt, allergens and other contaminants.

Chrisal’s probiotics are as safe for your skin and for your facility surfaces as yogurt is for the inside of your body. Chrisal’s allergy and cleaning products are incredibly efficient and work by physically removing the source of problems, instead of covering them up.

Want to know more? Your Skinplicity team expert is available as your support for a broad range of Chrisal products, for in-facility use, & revenue generating resale.

Probiotic sample kit (free*) sent to your Spa, including:      
(* just USPS S&H; low cost, two day priority mail, at checkout )

Four products: [Samples, 2 oz. bottles each].

1. Probiotic Mist Concentrate  Removes allergens, irritants and pathogens by breaking-down biofilm that shields bacteria and contaminants. Protects with organic probiotics for safe, stable and odor free environment.

2. Probiotic Green All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate w/Enzymes.  Cleans all surfaces. Establishes a healthy and stable probiotic microbial community for any environment to prevent biofilm growth. Cleans and protects to the microscopic level.

3. Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser (non-probiotic)  Safely removes grease & oil, while removing heavy soil. Environmentally safe. Concentrated.

4. Organic DeScaler Concentrate Quickly loosens and removes heavy mineral scale and deposits. Safely cleans fixtures, glass, faucets, cleans jewelry, and more.

Nancy Swankie, LE - Master, will be happy to discuss with you how Chrisal Products can work for your practice & clients. Consider these products for retail sales to expand your product lines. Call for professional discount information !

Video: Chrisal Products... a major break-through in cleanliness and healthcare.